APRIL 15 – First Session 2.30pm-8pm

Content as follows:

  • 2.30 - 3pm: Pick up & Registration (Outram MRT & Bishan MRT)
  • 3 - 3.30pm: Send participants from Outram MRT & Bishan MRT and travel to Sembawang Park
  • 3.30 – 4.30pm: Protect VIP @ Sembawang Park
  • 4.30 – 5pm: Travel to West Coast Park
  • 5 – 6pm: Team Death Match @ West Coast Park
  • 6 - 6.30pm: Travel to East Coast Park
  • 6.30 – 7.30pm: Domination @ TAG TEAM East Coast Park
  • 7.30 - 8pm: End and send participants back to MRT


A collaboration with the established TAGTEAMINC to bring to you their popular and successful Laser Tag Games. An engaging Team play experience in Multi-weapon battle and mixed reality laser tag. Best for Team Building, Cohesion, Retreats, or just general fun.

Mobile TAGTEAM – 3 different missions at 3 different venues, we’ll take you there all in one session!

Team Death Match @ West Coast Park

Select Team Red or Team Blue. Select one team captain to lead. Each Team will be given some time to plan & form their strategy. The Team with the least no. of total death count wins.

Protect VIP @ Sembawang Park

Select one player in the team to be the VIP. He or she will have to wear an army hat as an indication that he or she is the VIP.
Select a few people to protect the VIP and a few people to find out who is the enemy’s VIP. Whoever’s VIP has the least no. of death count wins.

Domination @ East Coast Park

Place the Domination (medic) Box in the center of the arena (about equal distance between the red team and blue team base).
Create a safety zone to prevent both team getting too close to the box. At the end of the game duration, the team which had control for the most time, wins!

So gather your family, friends, colleagues, and book you own Laser tag bus! Start your own war!

Price Now $38 per pax Only for a limited Time. Hurry!

$88  $38


  • 1. Gamebus & driver
  • 2. 5 hour session plus transfers
  • 3. Use of Battery pack
  • 4. Use of Charging cables
  • 5. Use of Umbrellas
  • 6. Complimentary Mosquito Patch
  • 7. Complimentary Bottle of water
  • 8. Complimentary Poncho

What you need to do:

  • Go to Gamebus.sg
  • Fill in the fields needed ie. Personal contact info
  • Select your preferred route and time slot (10-12 seats per route)
  • You will be brought to our payment page and make advance payment via Paypal
  • Await our response for confirmation of your sign up
  • We will update you periodically within the sign-up period on the status outcome
  • Tell your friends and co-workers and remember to check our fb page as well for updates and information on the bus and pick-up location

Signing up and subsequent seating is on a first come first serve basis, so please hurry to avoid disappointment.

The service will only go ahead if all seats in the time slots are taken up. You will be notified via email on the outcome or you can check back our facebook page for updates. You can do your part by sharing our page or letting others around you know of the service.

Any unsuccessful service due to lack of signup rate, you will be refunded via the same payment means automatically after official update from us. Please see gamebus.sg Terms & Condition document.

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So gather your family, friends, colleagues, and book you own Laser tag bus! Start your own war.
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